Q. What makes a playground suitable for people “of all ages and abilities”?
The park is designed and constructed to overcome barriers to participation that may be presented by a person’s physical, cognitive, communicative, social/emotional or sensory abilities. Every effort will be taken to make the park both welcoming and safe to all.

 Q. Are there examples of facilities such as this being successful?
While parks like this are still not the norm, they are becoming more popular and there are companies that specialize in designing and building these kinds of parks. Locally, there are three such parks that can be reached by automobile in a half hour or less.

Q. How much demand is there for such a facility in Monument?
Our continuous community outreach indicates that there is broad and energetic support for such a project.

Q. Who will own the playground?
The Town of Monument will own, maintain, and manage the playground.  

Q. How will the city get the land?
The land will be donated to the Town of Monument by the Monument Community Presbyterian Church.

Q. What surveys/engineering reports are necessary for the city to agree that such a project is worth the investment of human and capital resources?
A Site Survey was completed for the Town in December, 2022.  A Civil Engineering Firm has been selected to provide an initial site assessment relating to drainage and appropriate use.

Q. Why is the Monument Community Presbyterian Church agreeable to donating the land?
The leadership of the church looks at this as an opportunity to make a contribution to those in the greater Monument area, and it will provide a nearby playground for use by families associated with the church.

Q. Who will raise the money necessary to build such a park?
The funds will be raised by the Monument Hill Kiwanis Club in partnership with the Town of Monument.

Q. Will funds raised be used to pay for professional fundraisers (or a similar)?
We will not use professional fundraisers. 

Q. What is the target budget for the project?
The current target for the project is $400,000.

Q. What will the budget cover?
Critical engineering expenses and legal work must be completed to meet requirements that the Town of Monument must satisfy before any capital is allocated to the park’s infrastructure. Kiwanis volunteers have, and will continue to, donate their time and expertise in order to control expenses so that the majority of the funds raised may be devoted to park equipment.

Q. What is the projected completion date?
TBD, depending upon fundraising, but we expect the Play Park to be open to the public in Summer-Fall 2024.

Q. What are the projected uses for such a project?
The park will be designed to be inclusive. We know that families with special needs and seniors welcome the park, but it excludes no one with a legitimate intent to use the facility.

Q. Which community groups support this project?
We already have the support of several major public and private organizations and will continue to work to earn the support of more as soon as approval for the project is received from the town.

Q. What will be different when the project is complete?
Based on experience with other parks in the area, we expect the completed park to be in use on a daily basis, providing another positive contribution to community life in Monument.